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Share Your Wifi

Share you password without trying to remember it.

It can be a hassle to type or give out your long, complicated password to each and everyone who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi. iOS 11 solves this problem with an innovative new feature called ‘Share Your Wi-Fi’ which does exactly what it says.
Now, if a friend’s device running iOS 11 tries to join a Wi-Fi network that you’re connected to, your iOS device will get a simple pop-up asking if you’d like to share the network’s password. Tap “Send Password” and your friend’s device will automatically connect to the network. The only requirement is that both of you should have iOS 11 installed, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles turned on.

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Customise Control Centre

Apple now allows you to customise your control Centre.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Control Center.
  2. Tap Customize Controls.
  3. Here you’ll view a list of all the controls that can be added to Control Center. Press the + button next to a control to add it to Control Center or press the – button to remove it. To reposition a control, tap and hold the dragger next to it and move it to the position you want.
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Screen Recording

Apple had now added the ability to record your screen.

Open Control Center and tap on the Recording button to begin recording your screen. If you don’t see the button, make sure that you’ve added it to Control Center from Settings.
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Scan QR Codes with Camera

Use the camera application to scan QR codes.

In iOS 11, you no longer need third-party apps to scan QR codes because the stock Camera app is now capable of doing it. Using it is quite simple. All you have to do is to open your iPhone’s camera and point it at the QR code you want to scan. It will immediately scan and interpret the QR code as well as allow you to take an action, e.g. open a URL in Safari.
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Flashlight Settings

Different Intensity Settings for Flashlight.

A useful feature that was added to the flashlight in iOS 10 was the three different levels of light intensity. This feature was available to 3D Touch devices only, but non-3D Touch devices can also access it in iOS 11. Furthermore, there are now four levels of light intensity available for the flashlight in iOS 11.
To adjust the light intensity, 3D Touch or
tap and hold on its icon in Control Center to expand it, then choose the light intensity that you want.
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Screen Effects imessage

How to send iMessage with Screen effects

Type out the iMessage that you want to send and then long press the send button. This provides more options with different visual effects. Once the visual effect of your choice has been selected, press the send button again and the receiver of your message will be shown the effect on his phone.
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